The Quality Difference: Not All Online Classes Are Equal!

Mark’s “Feels Like a Classroom”:

  • Mark is visible–full screen/thumbnail
  • Mark is insightful, engaging, adaptable
  • Participants visible when talking
  • Colorful, active whiteboard use
  • Breakouts in small groups when useful
  • Live Polling, hand-raising
  • Multi-faceted instructional style
  • Video recording: if missed or for replay

Find These in Typical Online Classes:

  • Pre-canned videos
  • Scripted, impersonal
  • Endless screens of questions analyzed
  • Unseen instructor, background voice, or,
  • Talking-head in screen corner all class
  • Instructor “feels” programmed with material
  • Class “talks” only on a chat screen
  • Invisible, silent participants
  • No recordings of missed classes