The Corporate Package versus Mark’s Unique Style

The typical corporately-trained GRE prep instructor (of the expensive, packaged courses that are one of the myriad GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc. courses offered by the company) is often someone withsome form of classroom experience. Perhaps he/she was an English teacher, or even a special education instructor who never had seen a GRE test curriculum before. This person is run through a series of trainings, often online, from company books, in specific test strategies, specific questions and their answers, and specific examples organized in a specific way. Sometimes the person is trained well enough to get a reasonably high score on the GRE or got a high score some time ago on the GRE, and sometimes even this is not a criterion. The corporate teacher’s explanations are “by the corporate book” and must be delivered that way. Does this make that person a skilled test prep teacher? Mark hears often from his students about the corporately-appointed teacher of a course they paid big bucks for that was a disappointment – too boring, linear, unimaginative to keep their interest and to crack through, troubleshoot, their mistakes in an insightful way.

Mark Wahl is an original expert, having been a math learning specialist (authoring four books for teachers about math and trained hundreds of teachers in math methods). He has also had a large vocabulary since he was an adolescent and he used to correct his grammar teachers in eighth grade!

Mark has enjoyed cracking and writing tests for years, and he scores in the high percentiles on the GRE, GMAT and SAT tests. This gives him natural gifts to bring to a test preparation course with its math, verbal and writing sections. He can answer almost every question every student has and can explain information in a wide variety of ways. (One of his books for math teachers is entitled Math for Humans: Teaching Math Through 8 Intelligences.) He has created the course, not absorbed it from someone else. No two of his classes are exactly the same, since he carefully adjusts to individual and group needs and questions. No two classes are exactly alike so neither is their course content, though of course all the key ideas are hit every time.

Mark uses humor, diagrammatic sketches in color, quizzical questions, striking metaphors, word twists,and much more to engage minds, lock in techniques, and stimulate thought beneath the surface of a question. He evokes the universal lesson in a question rather than just show how to answer that question.

Join Mark in a test-prep adventure!

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