How are your Math Skills? To undertake the Prep you need modestly competent skills in pre-algebra and algebra (the areas that power 60% of the math GRE). Don’t have those? That is, you’re very rusty or never learned them very well in the first place? (No need to worry about your geometry skills. They will be warmed up and strategy-loaded in the GRE prep course — just pre-algebra and algebra up through exponents, quadratics, simultaneous equations and the like, though probability, sequences, Venn diagrams and the like can be needed too.

Intimidating? No problem, just grab the two optional 2-1/4 hour seminars called the “Math Skill Reboot” ($125 sale priced thru August 31). These extra sessions are added to, and woven into two Saturdays during the schedule of the Prep.

For this you get premier instruction with Mark Wahl, whom some call “the math teacher you wish you had!” He is a nationally recognized math learning specialist and math education author!

Not Sure What Your Math Skill Level Is? In fact, how verbally ready are you? Click here to take our free short personal GRE Assessment! You can talk to Mark Wahl on the phone to discuss your results and what they indicate.

Math Skill Reboot Schedule: Saturdays Sept. 10 and 17, 9:30-11:45 am. Reboot Registration