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Understanding Your Test Scores

Q: What range of scores can you get on the GRE? A: The scores on the Revised GRE don’t look like the old 200-800 scale of yore. Now the scores in math and verbal range from 130-170, innocuous numbers that were chosen perhaps to avoid all previous associations with any grade scores anywhere! A 150 […]

Beat Pre-Test Stress

First, Relaxation: A simple relaxation technique is to sit or lie quietly (relaxing amorphous music in the background is good) and begin by focusing on your breathing. Starting with the feet and ankles, then up the legs, the buttocks, back, shoulders, arms, neck, face, mouth, etc., tense each muscle then let go and invite it […]

How to Book your GRE Test Time

The General GRE test itself is registered separately from Mark’s course. You can get information on aspects of the GRE General Test from the ETS Company at ETS.org/gre or gre.org. You can book a test on this site and take it at a Prometric Test Center closest to you. 1-800-GRE-CALL is yet another way to […]

The Left and Right Brain in Testing

All of us have two major brain processors that work differently according to Nobel-prize-nominated research. We have a linear, rule-based, detail-oriented brain (usually the left lobe of the brain) that I call the “left brain” as a thinking capacity regardless of its organic location. The other is a holistic (view the whole picture), spatially-oriented (seeking […]