Mark Wahl is Owner-Director of Mark Wahl Learning Services near Seattle and principal instructor of this online GRE Prep course. He is a decades-experienced mathematics learning specialist and test preparation coach. Having been an accomplished test prep teacher of the math and verbal parts of the SAT, GRE and GMAT tests he knows the thinking and decoys of their test-maker, Educational Testing Services. He also uses the Nobel-nominated brain research to help students strategize novel approaches to questions so as to utilize more of the brain’s capacity. Additionally, he is an author of four books and a professional development trainer of many hundreds of teachers. Your math, verbal and writing prep for the test is in good teaching hands!
A sense of who Mark Wahl is in a live class setting:

Why Choose Onlinegreprep.com?

A few of our GRE prep course features:

  • Pricing well below the competition
  • Time-tested subtle test strategies
  • Proven training success with thousands for 25 years
  • Nuanced, personal instruction, even online
  • A seasoned, friendly teacher who has aced the test himself
  • Test anxiety understanding and tools
  • Knowledge of how to exploit test format, flaws and biases

Mark’s Promise

“Everyone has a different capacity for the particular twists and style of the GRE. I pledge to do my absolute best to provide an approach that fits you and, if the group instruction doesn’t meet your needs, even privately confer with you to find your best altered or additional approaches. Having proven success with thousands of students, I strongly commit to turning my tools and talents toward your success in reaching your particular goals.”